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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe


Two men, one restaurant: Starting their own business was a dream come true for Waal Sterneberg (left) and Thomas Kluckner (right).
Updated on 02.08.2021 in People from
4 min reading time
Regional, seasonal, and of course fresh products – that’s what everyone wants on their plates nowadays. But what happens if the guests want to order a cucumber salad in winter? Or if there are no more beef filets left? The kitchen chefs Thomas Kluckner and Waal Sterneberg manage the balancing act of a modern inn.
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Tanja Westfall-Greiter
Updated on 28.07.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
3 min reading time
More farmers, better vegetables – is that true? Tanja Westfall-Greiter runs a market garden at Hattingerberg in Tirol. She is convinced that society should pay more tribute to the cultivation of land.
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Money vs. mountains: Tourism or nature? Mountain guide Martina Mrak is in favour of steering towards the middle ground: Tourism in harmony with nature.
Updated on 22.07.2021 in People from Wolfgang Westermeier
3 min reading time
Martina Mrak recognises a similar desire in all her clients: a longing for unspoiled nature. But for Tirol to preserve its pristine mountain landscape, there needs to be a willingness to compromise.
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Looking ahead: Innsbruck-based architects Christian Hammerl (left) and Elias Walch (right) know exactly what constitutes contemporary, beautiful architecture.
Updated on 14.07.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
4 min reading time
When it comes to Tirol’s contemporary architecture landscape, Innsbruck-based Christian Hammerl and Elias Walch are at the forefront, creating spaces and designs that age with grace, relying on a style that is rooted in tradition but with contemporary elements in all the right places.
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Reinhard Hetzenauer with his protective beekeeper’s hat. His grandfather originally sparked his interest in beekeeping.
Updated on 17.05.2021 in People from
8 min reading time
Does the taste of honey change when the bees are not buzzing in the valley but high up in the alpine mountains? Reinhard Hetzenauer, chairman of the Tirolean Beekeepers Association, tells us more about the life of bees at 1,500 metres above sea level and the unique taste of alpine rose honey.
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Taking a hiatus from city life, enjoying the spirit of the mountains.
Updated on 22.04.2021 in People from Sebastian Höhn
8 min reading time
Fire, water, cattle and wood. Essentially, this is all Sarah Kofler, Janis Pönisch and their two children need each summer, when they leave their work and city life in the valley to spend two months on an ‘Alm’ high in the Austrian Alps. Tending 34 cattle in a world that you thought was long gone at the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park.
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Updated on 15.03.2021 in People from Gero Günther
14 min reading time
From international banking to hotel management. From civil servant to mountain farmer. We talked to people in Tirol who decided to escape the ratrace and start all over again.
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Working in the Ski Resort: Innsbruck’s terrain park shaper Bjarni Valdimarsson — Nordkette Skyline Park
Updated on 21.01.2021 in People from Klaus
4 min reading time
Snowboarding and Innsbruck go together like salt and pepper. As you’d expect for a place that is considered ‘the Birthplace of snowboarding in Europe’, their “Skyline Park” is pretty awesome. Terrain park shaper Bjarni Thor Valdimarsson, an Iceland native now living in Tirol, gives us an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.
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Vent Header
Updated on 21.01.2021 in People from Gero Günther
8 min reading time
Tirol is home to more than a dozen remote end-of-valley communities. These small villages hidden away deep in the mountains have retained their original character. What is life like there? We met seven people who live at the end of a valley road (and none of them wanted to swap for a life in the city).
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TW Berufe Mayrhofen  – Penken Harakiri Die steilste Piste Öster
Updated on 14.01.2021 in People from Klaus
4 min reading time
With a 78 percent grade, the thrilling double black Harakiri Trail rakes in hard-core honours for being Austria’s steepest downhill run. This sickeningly steep terrain requires a special winch cat to groom, which is driven by heavy machinery operator Christoph Egger.
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