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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
presse-jungbrunn-spa-panorama lichtbadewanne, © Hotel Jungbrunn
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“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.” said Sylvia Plath, one of the most renowned and influential poets, novelists, and short story writers of the 20th century.
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Ready for a weekend escape? Autumn, the season of vibrant colours, is arguably the most beautiful time of year to visit the Heart of the Alps. The list of what to do in Tirol in October is long, from glacier skiing in the morning and hiking in the afternoon to simply enjoying the incredible autumn colours. Take advantage of the last days of patio season and soak up the sun before the winter months arrive.Here are some ideas to get you started during any weekend this upcoming golden autumn season:
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Reither Kogel im Alpbachtal.
, © Tirol Werbung, Georg Marshall
Alexander Zimmermann
Updated on 15.09.2021 in Recommendations from Alexander
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Almost half of the total carbon footprint created by a holiday in the Alps is caused by getting to and from the destination. Windsurfing board on the roof, mountain bike on the back, boulder crash pad in the boot or rock climbing equipment on the back seat – do you really need all that gear? Not in Tirol. The region has more than 500 rental and hire shops where outdoor enthusiasts can borrow the equipment they need during their stay. Ski and snowboard rental has been around for decades, but more and more places are now adopting the same model in summer. Here are four examples of rental services in Tirol to give you new holiday perspectives with minimum impact on the environment.
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Activities with almost zero carbon footprint.
, © Ramon Haindl
Five eco-friendly activities trending right now - with almost zero carbon footprint.
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Updated on 23.08.2021 in Recommendations from Marc Deckert
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If you want to see something that’s hardly visible anymore, you should go on a search in the darkness. It’s the city lights that cloud the view of the stars. A journey into the heart of Tirol’s darkness – with galactic views.
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Der Steinsee im Lechtal.
, © Tirol Werbung, Schels Sebastian
Updated on 07.07.2021 in Recommendations from Ole Zimmer
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Rushing mountain streams, silent alpine summits, tiny hamlets off the beaten track – and no stress anywhere to be seen. Tirol is full of slow tourism places. Some are hidden away at the end of the valley, while others are just a stone’s throw from some of the region’s main transit routes. We have put together a list of five hotspots ideal for those keen to go slow and relax.
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Erlanger Hütte.
, © Tirol Werbung, Jens Schwarz
Tirol’s mountain huts aren’t just a great place to spend the night. A surprising number of them offer excellent food made using produce sourced from the local region. We have chosen six of our favourite slow food locations in Tirol.
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Karlsbader Hut on the shores of Laserzsee Lake.
, © Alpin Plattform Lienz / Sam Strauss Fotografie
Updated on 11.06.2021 in Recommendations from Anja
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Mountains or lakes? Do both! With many lakeside huts at elevations above 2,000 meters to choose from in Tirol, you can mix hiking with a dip in a lake. Here are ten of the most beautiful Alpinist Association Huts that are located on the shores of a lake.
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Goldenes Dachl.
, © Tirol Werbung / George Marshall
Updated on 10.06.2021 in Recommendations from Eckard
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As a long-time resident of Innsbruck and lover of the city, I’d like to share my very personal selection of favourite attractions with you. I’ve also put together some ideas on the city’s most intriguing shops but, first, let me tell you about the city sights which never fail to impress me, even after all these years.
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Panelled parlour with God’s Corner at Gwiggenhof Farm, Wildschönau, 1625.
Updated on 25.05.2021 in Recommendations from Christina
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Slowly I step into the hall of a historic farmhouse. It feels like stepping back into the rural life of yesteryear, and it sure was hard living there. Everything here is kind of distressing and grinding – I wonder if it is the old timber or the smell? At the same time, I am kind of fascinated by this authentic simplicity, this reduction to the essentials.
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