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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

World traveller, lover of new experiences, and Tirol aficionado Eckard Speckbacher is out exploring the hidden attractions. He offers insight into places and destinations that are less well known, along with restaurant and hotel recommendations.

Updated on 20.05.2024 in Sports from Eckard
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Nürnberger Hütte, Neustift i. St.
Keeping an eye on the forecast in the days leading up to a vacation or to the weekend is often a nerve wracking experience. You’ve spent months planning your trip and the prospect of it being scuppered by poor weather is not something you want to deal with. How do you make the most of your trip if rain threatens to spoil your plans? Well, as you’ll find out, rainy days does not mean there isn’t anything to do in and around Tirol - there are plenty of dry options—and even a couple of not so dry outdoor pursuits.
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Flower-filled meadow in the Hohe Tauern National Park, © Hohe Tauern National Park
Updated on 29.04.2024 in Bits & Pieces from Eckard
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As you arrive in the Alps, the seemingly infinite array of peaks spread out before you will most likely grab your immediate attention. I’ve been playing the name-the-mountain game on hikes for many years, trying to identify as many of the surrounding summits as possible. However, that's sometimes been at the cost of the wonderful flora right at my feet. Bursts of colour from hundreds of wildflower species are one of Tirol’s simplest joys. For years I have wanted to identify at least the most commonly found alpine flowers of Tirol, but I have been postponing it from hiking season to hiking season. This year, finally, I have created my very own Alpine Wildflower Guide. Most of the pictures were taken in East Tirol (Virgental Valley) and the Karwendel Mountains.
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Cross country ski technique
One decision to make when you first start cross-country skiing is whether you want to classic ski, skate ski, or learn both at the same time. Martin Tauber, cross-country ski pro and four-time Austrian national champion, breaks the two cross-country skiing techniques down into easy understandable parts. Learning how to cross-country ski is a great way to find a fun activity that keeps you healthy and in good spirits over the winter. If you’ve never skied before we’ll show you just how easy Nordic skiing is, and if you have skied before you might pick up a few tips and tricks too.
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Updated on 19.02.2024 in Recommendations from Eckard
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Make-up artist, photographer and Seefeld local Rainer Renauer takes us to his favourite places to shop and to dine. And, as Seefeld is one of the best cross-country skiing destinations in the world, he showed us his favourite ski tracks.
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Updated on 22.01.2024 in Recommendations from Eckard
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As a passionate skier, I have my favourite ski resorts all across Tirol, depending on month and snow conditions. However, my favourites not only deliver the adventures that skiers want, but also have a certain small-town appeal, a sense of history, and the laid-back vibe that brought downhillers there in the first place. In short, I definitely value ski town ambience. To me, there needs to be a legit town with locals, restaurants, and jaw-dropping scenery doesn’t hurt. And of course, there’s the skiing. All of the spots on this list have more than just amazing skiing—they are about embracing a lifestyle.These are my 5 favourite spots in Tirol:
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Updated on 15.01.2024 in Recommendations from Eckard
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Think of Kitzbühel and you conjure up ski pioneers, cat-suited ski racers and fur-clad celebrities. A legend in its own right, Kitzbühel is known around the world as the winter playground of the rich and famous. Keen to know more, I joined up with a local for the day to explore the resort and grab a few insider tips on what to see and do away from the glitz and glamour.
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Kaunertal Valley has long been the playground of hip snowboarders—and this apartment serves as a stylish basecamp.
Updated on 20.01.2023 in Recommendations from Eckard
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After a full day of play on a Tirol getaway, there’s nothing more important than to relax in accommodations that fit your style. However, with so many things to do in the ‘Heart of the Alps’ — and even more places to stay — choosing might be the hardest part. Throughout the country, there are outstanding bed and breakfasts, apartments and hotels that offer unique amenities sure to make for an unforgettable getaway. These ten only-in-Tirol places to stay are a start to get your imagination going. Plus, to make things even better, most of them offer lodging at surprisingly affordable rates.
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Frau Naschberger from Reith im Alpbachtal with a pair of her homemade "Doggln" slippers.
Updated on 12.12.2022 in Bits & Pieces from Eckard
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We have put together a list of the top 16 things to buy during your time in Tirol – either for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. All the items in our list are either made or finished right here in Tirol.
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Goldenes Dachl.
, © Tirol Werbung / George Marshall
Updated on 10.06.2021 in Recommendations from Eckard
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As a long-time resident of Innsbruck and lover of the city, I’d like to share my very personal selection of favourite attractions with you. I’ve also put together some ideas on the city’s most intriguing shops but, first, let me tell you about the city sights which never fail to impress me, even after all these years.
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