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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
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Reither Kogel im Alpbachtal.
, © Tirol Werbung, Georg Marshall
Alexander Zimmermann
Updated on 15.09.2021 in Recommendations from Alexander
8 min reading time
Almost half of the total carbon footprint created by a holiday in the Alps is caused by getting to and from the destination. Windsurfing board on the roof, mountain bike on the back, boulder crash pad in the boot or rock climbing equipment on the back seat – do you really need all that gear? Not in Tirol. The region has more than 500 rental and hire shops where outdoor enthusiasts can borrow the equipment they need during their stay. Ski and snowboard rental has been around for decades, but more and more places are now adopting the same model in summer. Here are four examples of rental services in Tirol to give you new holiday perspectives with minimum impact on the environment.
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Guest author
Updated on 12.05.2021 in Family from Guest Author
9 min reading time
Absolutely! Tirol is a great destination for families with children - especially if you embrace the five lessons learned by our author while staying in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains.
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Peter Fankhauser from the village of Kaltenbach in the Zillertal Valley has launched his own personal cooking revolution. It goes by the name of "Guatz’Essen" and is a restaurant serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes – nothing special in London or Berlin, but a bold step in meat-loving Tirol. All the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced from his own permaculture garden. While the vibe is similar to what you will find in some of Austria's hippest dining locations, the prices at Guatz’Essen are very down-to-earth. We met up with the man himself to find out more.
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Gravel paths, forest roads, long bike paths along the river – up until now you needed various different bikes in order to explore Tirol. But now we have gravel bikes for all these different routes. These bikes with their wide tyres and the light road bike frame promise lots of fun on the road as well as on challenging terrain. Is that true? This bike experiment – three days, light baggage and 200 kilometres – will give us the answer.
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Tirol or Canada? Gorges along the western section of the Inn.
Guest author
Updated on 03.02.2021 in Nature from Guest Author
7 min reading time
Tirol‘s central lifeline begins as a wild mountain stream at the Swiss border and rushes with impressive power through the Imster Schlucht gorge near the town of Landeck. From there it continues its journey a more gentle fashion through the rest of the region. We set out to discover life on the Inn and followed its flow in a canoe all the way to the border in Kufstein.
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TEXT Maximilian Reich | PHOTOS Hans Herbig
Guest author
Updated on 03.02.2021 in Sports from Guest Author
14 min reading time
In the Ötztal Valley – to be precise at 47° latitude – lies Austria’s largest outdoor adventure park. Our author, for whom summer in the mountains had so far meant nothing more than an easy walk in the meadows, agreed to take on the challenge of Area 47.
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TEXT Anke Helle
Guest author
Updated on 03.02.2021 in Nature from Guest Author
5 min reading time
Sorry, night owls: When it comes to eye-opening activities, Tirol is really a morning person’s world. There are many beautiful places that have a magical quality early in the morning that you just can’t experience any other time of the day. Here are five recommended experiences for larks who are happy to wake up early and prefer to start their day when (or even before) the sun rises.
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TEXT Katharina Mau | PHOTOS Peter Neusser
Guest author
Updated on 03.02.2021 in Bits & Pieces from Guest Author
6 min reading time
Camp fire instead of hotel bar, board games instead of après-ski, home cooking instead of haute cuisine. Tirol's many self-catering mountain huts are the ideal place to get back to basics and enjoy the simple life. Here are some top tips for stays at these DIY hotels in the Alps.
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Horst Fankhauser
Alexander Zimmermann
Updated on 10.09.2020 in People from Alexander
10 min reading time
Things didn’t always used to be better, but a lot was certainly very different than today – especially in the mountains. There was less talk of sustainability, yet its core principles were lived. Sometimes this was a conscious decision, sometimes not – and sometimes it was simply because natural materials were the only things available to make clothing, equipment and packaging. What can we learn from earlier generations? We set off on a journey to find out what it means to live in harmony with nature, accompanied on our travels by a mountain guide who has spent more than half a century out and about in the mountains.
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U-Bahn-Station in Serfaus. Foto: Andreas Kirschner
Alexander Zimmermann
Updated on 14.04.2020 in Recommendations from Alexander
9 min reading time
Every holiday begins with a journey to the destination. Tirol is home to a plethora of initiatives, projects and concepts aimed at encouraging locals and visitors alike to go green and embrace eco-friendly transport. We have taken a closer look at a number of these ideas, from flat rate tickets for public transport to tiny underground trains at 1,400 metres above sea level. A report on success stories and coming challenges.
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