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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Guest Author
Guest author

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Guest author
Updated on 28.08.2023 in Family from Guest Author
9 min reading time
Absolutely! Tirol is a great destination for families with children - especially if you embrace the five lessons learned by our author while staying in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains.
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Guest author
Updated on 20.06.2022 in Family from Guest Author
9 min reading time
East Tirol. Christian, my husband, has been backcountry skiing and ski touring in Villgratental Valley several times. Every time he returned home, he was totally enthralled by the experience. Not only because of the varied backcountry terrain; he also liked the remote valleys and the pristine wilderness in this area on the border to South Tyrol. East Tirol is where Austria and Italy collide. There is no mass tourism here. Instead of vast hotel complexes, the mountainsides here are dotted with sun-bleached timbered farmhouses. But that's not to say that it’s a backwater, just alluringly remote. East Tirol is close to Italy and to the Sexten Dolomites, with the world renowned Tre Cime (Italian for "three peaks"). These distinctive battlement-like peaks of northeastern Italy are on display in East Tirol, Dolomites near and far can be seen. Moreover, the fusion of an Austrian-Italian style of cooking makes this place a hit.
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Skiing in Ischgl. 
, © Tourismusverband Ischgl
In this guest blog, Ischgl hotel owner Alexander von der Thannen gives you the inside scoop to the perfect ski vacation in Ischgl: From his Trofana Royal Five Star Superior Hotel over his favourite ski trails to fine dining options and top vantage spots.
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Peter Fankhauser from the village of Kaltenbach in the Zillertal Valley has launched his own personal cooking revolution. It goes by the name of "Guatz’Essen" and is a restaurant serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes – nothing special in London or Berlin, but a bold step in meat-loving Tirol. All the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced from his own permaculture garden. While the vibe is similar to what you will find in some of Austria's hippest dining locations, the prices at Guatz’Essen are very down-to-earth. We met up with the man himself to find out more.
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TEXT Benedikt Roth | STYLING Sven Christ
Guest author
Updated on 10.10.2019 in Food & Drink from Guest Author
5 min reading time
“You get nice round knees from eating soup,” is the somewhat peculiar Tirolean saying. It probably refers to the fact that soup was a staple food product until only a few decades ago. Not a starter like today, but a main course. One that was frequently eaten early in the morning. And again in the evening. The Tiroleans went to great effort in preparing their soups, because they had to eat them so very often. Fabulous recipes were the result. And many of them. The mountains were high, with little contact between the various villages. Everyone, however, cooked their own variation of soup: The people of Zillertal are rightly proud of their “Grey Cheese Soup” and the residents of Oberland (Tirolean Highlands) wax lyrical about their “Krapfl Soup”. Those who take the current trends in regional cuisine seriously, will have to sample many a soup in Tirol. And cook a lot: The recipes we have put together take you on a culinary, cultural and historical voyage of discovery. But you don’t have to go so far in your appreciation of local tradition to eat soup in the same way as the Tiroleans of yesteryear: they, namely, all ate from the same large pot, as they didn’t have any plates.
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Winter Wedding in Mayrhofen
The wedding industry is changing and more couples are choosing to go against traditions and get married overseas. This year I have already accompanied 10 couples from Germany to Australia, to Tirol for their weddings in the Alps.
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Sledding Runs in Tirol
Guest author
Updated on 09.11.2017 in Sports from Guest Author
4 min reading time
The Tirol offers a wide range of sledding runs and lot's of tobogganing fun. Paul, originally from Greece but now living in Innsbruck, shows us some of his favorite sledding terrains:
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Guest author
Updated on 27.04.2016 in Sports from Guest Author
5 min reading time
Verena-Annabella, a Tirol-based blogger and graphic designer, loves to take her dogs to the great outdoors. All it takes is a few basic precautions walkers can follow to make their trip as safe as possible, for both them and the animals they come across, as she highlights in this guest blog post.
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Skiing with kids at the Learn-To-Ski Zone at Serfaus, Tyrol
Hello, kids, goodbye, skiing? Please, don’t give up – skiing can be an enriching experience for both children and adults! A family ski holiday is one of the most satisfying, fun and memorable ways to spend time together. It’s great to share the mountains and the snow you love with the people you love. However, planning a family ski holiday can feel overwhelming. At what age can kids start skiing? How should they dress? What equipment do they need, and should you rent or buy it? Although there is a bit of planning involved, it’s well worth it for the incredible family memories. Parents have a lot to consider before hitting the slopes with the family, so here’s a how to plan a family ski vacation guide by our guest blogger Dani who will help you get to the slopes with less stress.
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