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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Irene Prugger
Deeply rooted in tradition, towns across Tirol have turned their annual relocation of livestock from the mountains to their winter stables into a reason to celebrate. Bells are clanking, nervous ewes baaing and hooves clicking down the roads and parading through the villages. Watch on as the streets fill with sheep, lambs, shepherds, locals and visitors!
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This rewarding place was well worth a day hike; however, it is easily reached within a 1.5 hour walk. Falbesoner Ochsenalm Alpine Pasture Hut welcomes hungry trekkers with a mouth-watering array of foods that remind of Grandma, from homemade bread and butter to grey cheese, cured bacon, “Striezel” (a plaited yeast dough bun), butter milk and elderberry juice…
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Why is life different up on an Alpine pasture than down in a village in the valley? It’s about time! Time doesn’t go faster or slower up there. It’s just that every day in our busy lives we rarely take the time to appreciate the small wonders in our world. As you walk up to an Alpine pasture in the mountains, something instantly feels different. Especially in a beautiful place where past and present meet, such as in the chocolate box Alpine Pasture Village of Fallerschein in Tirol’s Lechtal Valley.
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Updated on 31.08.2016 in Arts & Culture from Irene Prugger
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Dramatic Alpine terrains comprised of soaring mountain peaks, crisp air, stunning views and quaint Alpine pasture huts with grazing cattle are key features of Tirol’s breathtaking landscapes. You cannot avoid Alpine pasture huts in our mountains — but what exactly is an Alpine pasture hut?
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