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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Sandra Langmann

Sandra Langmann started hiking at an early age. Having grown up in the rolling vineyards of Styria in southern Austria, she today lives in Munich - and spends as much time as possible mountain biking and snowboarding in the mountains of Tirol.

Hot tea can be a godsend on cold days. It heats you up from the inside and also keeps your fingers nice and warm.
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Updated on 31.01.2022 in Bits & Pieces from Sandra Langmann
3 min reading time
Icy toes, blue lips, shivering hands – nobody likes being cold. Here's how to stay warm all winter, no matter how low the mercury falls.
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Updated on 31.01.2022 in Recommendations from Sandra Langmann
15 min reading time
Our reporter has spent her life avoiding the cold. While others head out into the mountains, she prefers to cuddle up at home with a good book and a hot water bottle. Now the time has finally come to try something new and leave that famous comfort zone behind. But can you really learn to love to cold?
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Fresh salad with wild herbs can often be found on the menu in Tirol's huts.
Updated on 16.08.2021 in Food & Drink from Sandra Langmann
14 min reading time
Oat milk cappucinos, raspberry-banana smoothies, sweet-and-sour poke bowls – in urban centres like Innsbruck, vegan food is pretty much everywhere. But what's it like in the mountains? Our vegan reporter set out for a little plant-based hiking. Joining her on a five-day walk in the Gschnitztal Valley was her boyfriend – not a vegan himself ("Sorry, it just tastes too good.") but most defintely a fan of organic produce.
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TW Komm Runter Mountainbiken LowRes
Updated on 02.07.2020 in Sports from Sandra Langmann
9 min reading time
In our digital affluent society, we are longing for complete calmness and peace more than anything else. But how can we achieve this? Our author has escaped into the mountains to find out how and where to relax best. Is it by burning off energy? Meditating? Could a rush of adrenalin be the answer? Find out more in her story.
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