Strumerhof Herbal Inn in Matrei, East Tirol, © Kräuterwirtshaus Strumerhof
Strumerhof Herbal Inn in Matrei, East Tirol, © Kräuterwirtshaus Strumerhof

Taste of Place Tours: Culinary Walking Adventures in Tirol

Taste of Place captures many of the things that define Tirol’s character: Farming communities, strong rural traditions, and the belief that it does matter where your food comes from.

Exploring, Touring & Tasting: Experience where Tirol’s quality agricultural products begin by visiting our farms and food producers on more than 10 specially designated Taste of Place Tours — on foot or by bicycle. Whether it’s a lush pasture with grazing cows in summer, pick your own apples or ripe berries, delicate raw milk cheese, fish and meat or simply enjoying the vistas of our working landscape any time of the year, we hope you’ll enjoy being part of our agriculture.

Brandenberg Pruegeltorte

Baking of Original Brandenberg Pruegeltorte at Gasthaus Kaiserhaus Inn, © Kaiserhaus Brandenberg

Traditionally, Brandenberg Pruegeltorte, also called ‘Tree Cake’ or Cake of Kings, is made on a spit by brushing on even layers of batter and then rotating the spit around an open heat source. Each layer is allowed to brown before a new layer of batter is poured. When the cake is removed and sliced, each layer is divided from the next by a golden line, resembling the growth rings on a crosscut tree. A typical Brandenberg Tree Cake is made up of various layers of batter, using recipes and a time-honored process that has been passed down from generation to generation since the Middle Ages.

This Taste of Place Tour combines a walk into mighty Kaiserklamm Gorge with the outstanding culinary delicacy of local Brandenberg Pruegeltorte. As good as this Cake of Kings tastes, as fascinating is to watch it made at Gasthaus Kaiserhaus Inn in Brandenberg, every Thursday between May and October 2019 (weather-dependant) from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. No bookings required.

Lech Valley Raw Milk Cheese

Sojer Artisan Cheese Dairy in Steeg in Lechtal Valley, © Sennerei Sojer

Since 1903, raw milk fresh from the cow has been used to make cheese in the village of Steeg, Lech Valley. Since the year 1955, local cheese making has been in the hands of Sojer Family. The cows are herb-fed, yielding a cheese that is smooth, creamy and of warm butterscotch color. From the hay and herbs that feed the cows, to the end result, everything is done on the dairy farm, by the Sojer Family. Lech Valley Raw Milk Cheese is as unadulterated and healthy a cheese as you will find. Raw milk contains up to twice as much Omega-3 fatty acids compared to normal milk. To fully explore Lech Valley’s artisan cheese makers, embark on one of a Taste of Place Tour, either by bicycle or on foot. Anyway, you are strongly recommended to visit Sojer Artisan Cheese Dairy at the end of your tour to taste their delicious cheeses, ranging from delicate rich fresh flavoured chèvres to very powerful spice flavours and smoky harder cheeses.

For details on guided tours and registration please call Sojer Artisan Cheese Dairy in Steeg at +43.5633.5636 or send an eMail to

Wild Herbs from East Tirol

Strumerhof Herbal Inn in Matrei, East Tirol, © Kräuterwirtshaus Strumerhof

The sheltered clearings, sunny slopes and rough pastures of Hohe Tauern National Park boast a rich variety of gems of plants. Here, a myriad of herbs can be found in abundance, such as the Yellow Yarrow that has a healing effect in the treatment of blood pressure, kidney and skin problems and Quendel, a herbaceous thyme-leaved sandwort that is also known as wild thyme. The mysteries of local plant life are unfolded at Strumerhof Herbal Inn in Matrei, East Tirol. The owners examine the history of herbalism and how herbs play a role in cuisine and health care today. A program of anecdotes will tell the story of your herbal dish as it unfolds at 500-year old Strumerhof Inn. Your palate will definitely be pleased with a floral feast of wild weed soup, stinging nettle dumplings, meadow lasagna or lamb wrapped in hay and herbs.

Strumerhof Inn is open from July untiil September on Fridays, Saturdays und Sundays.

Paznaun Alpine Cheese

Paznaun Alpine Cheese, © TVB Paznaun-Ischgl

Scenic Paznaun Valley has a centuries-long tradition of cheese making. The local farmers pour a lot of love into their work and the exceptional raw material, finest milk fresh from the cows grazing mountain pastures, is transformed into award-winning Alpine style cheeses. The artisan cheese tour is a one-of-a-kind-experience, not to be missed. This exceptional walk of Paznaun Valley’s Alpine pastures will delight palates and enthrall cheese lovers. Paznaun Alpine Cheese is an all-natural local specialty food that expresses the creamy smoothness of herb-fed milk and the piquant complexity of the area’s Alpine pastures. It is available from local inns and restaurants, farmer’s markets and farm shops.

In the summer of 2019, the weekly cheese-making event is held every Thursday and Friday at Alpe Dias (above the Kappl Gondola top terminal) and makes tasting Paznaun Valley fun and delicious. The only prerequisite is an appetite and interest in learning about and sampling award-winning local cheeses. Please register with the local Tourist Information Office one day in advance: +43.50990.100,

Each year in August, Ischgl has a summer festival dedicated to the valley’s chief specialty — the Paznaun Farmers’ Market on August 31, 2019 is your best chance to taste delicious artisan cheeses, from smooth and creamy to delicate and spicy — it is truly of the mountains!

Spring Water Sprouts

Spring Water Sprouts, © Archiv TVB TirolWest, Daniel Zangerl

As small as they are, sprouts are definitely good for you! Sprouts are living foods packed with living enzymes ready to take food to its next level. In fact, sprouts are one of the healthiest foods available to man. Visit “Toni’s Sprout Garden” in Landeck and watch how 13 different varieties of spring water sprouts are produced. Sprout gardener Maria Pircher will introduce you to the secrets of sprout production from seedling to plant. Sprouts are the germinating form of seeds or beans. Sprouting requires no soil. Seeds or beans are held in warm, moist conditions, and sprouts are produced within a few days, depending on the variety. Thanks to the natural spring water, these sprouts are a really special product that makes a healthy addition to any meal.

Guided “Taste of Place” Tours are offered every Wednesday in August. Please register one day in advance:

Plums of Stanz

Schnapps Tasting in Stanz, © Archiv TVB TirolWest/Othmar Senn

At an elevation of 1,000 meters, the sunny slopes of Stanz, Grins and Pians create the ideal conditions for growing sweet fruit. For centuries, the chief specialty of Europe’s highest-lying orchards has been plum—sinking your teeth into the soft fruit will send sugary juices dripping down your chin. The sheltered, sunny upland location high above Landeck, the clever irrigation system and the area’s warm days and cool summer nights mean everything grows a little bit sweeter than it would at warmer climes. Ripe, jammed, stewed, pummelled into a chutney or put into a pie, the plump, succulent plum of Stanz is as versatile as they come. The fruit is wonderful in jams, jellies and cakes, dumplings, and even delicious made into brandy and liquor. Where the spirit leads you: This “Taste of Place” Tour departs from the Village Fountain at Grins and takes you along the “Schrofenstein Castle in Ruins” to the village of Stanz. A guided tour in one of the distilleries gives a first-hand look at the art and science of crafting finest plum brandy, and educates visitors about the rich history and proud tradition of the Stanz signature spirit. Cheers!

Guided “Taste of Place” Tours are offered every Friday between May and October. Please register one day in advance:

Stubai Valley’s Alpine Herbs

herbs, © Auffang Alm

The scent of the mountains, the aroma of sun-drenched Alpine herbs... Medicinal herbs have a long and colorful history in Tirol and are highly effective natural remedies for a multitude of uses. Sandra Schoenherr, a local expert in botanical medicine and herbal lore, introduces nature lovers to the world of herbalism at her Herb Harden at Auffangalm. Join a Herbal Workshop that takes you to the sunny slopes where fragrant medicinal herbs flourish. There will be lots of hands on learning and activities, including making herbal products such as healing herbal oil, herbal honey or spicy herbal vinegar. What’s best: You can take all you pick or create yourself during this tour home with you!

There are no guided Taste of Place Tours available along this route. More information on

Stubai Young Beef

Stubai Young Beef, © Tirol Werbung/Maren Krings

Strolling over the wide open mountain pastures and lush forests of Mieders is once-in-a-lifetime-experience for nature lovers and epicureans: resplendent Alpine meadows carpeted in vivid greenery speckled with brilliant wildflowers, uninterrupted panoramic views over Stubai, Inntal and Wipptal Valleys and a rare breed of cattle. Stubai Young Beef is a distinctive, small, traditional breed evolved through centuries of selection to suit this mountainous area, renowned for its rich taste, long since considered a delicacy throughout Tirol. Raised on the mountain, the cattle roam free range over the extensive Alpine pastures of Mieders in the summer months. They graze over a much broader and more varied landscape than the lowland varieties. Young beef is a well-kept culinary secret, a bona fide food treasure. Their meat is coloured by the diversity of flora that they feed on – Alpine flowers, herbs and grasses give the meat a succulent flavour.

There are no guided Taste of Place Tours available along this route. Strongly recommended: Enjoy your fair share of young beef stew at Gleinserhof Inn. More informations on

Tarrenz Wine

Flür vineyard, © Weingut Flür

The fact that since 1994 the Flür family has been able to grow delicious grapes for winemaking inTarrenz is thanks to two slightly paradoxical phenomena: warm days and cold nights. The former is the result of climate change in the Alps. Just a few decades ago it would have been unthinkable to grow grapes for winemaking on north-facing slopes. During the daytime the warm sunshine causes the grapes to ripen, while at night the temperatures fall sharply and the cold air give the grapes much of their intense taste. The Flür vineyard grows seven varieties of grapes, including Chardonnay, Sylvaner and Pinot Noir. The family hosts regular wine-tasting sessions where visitors can sample some of the produce together with regional food. Wine-tasting session last around two-and-a-half hours.

Information and registration via the Weingut Flür vineyard. Contact Alexandra and Georg Flür on +43 (0)650 9260334 und +43 (0)650 6141460 or send a mail to

Mountain Herbs in Tirol

Michaela Thöni-Kohler invites guests to explore the fascinating world of mountain herbs, © TVB TirolWest
The Zammer Kräuterstadl in Zams, © TVB TirolWest

The region around Zams is famous for its rich variety of mountain herbs. Michaela Thöni-Kohler is one of the leading local herb experts and accompanies visitors on an easy two-hour walk along the Tirolean Mountain Herb Trail. This walking tour of Zams and the surrounding area is a great way to learn about the huge diversity of natural herbs native to Tirol. The exact route of the hike varies according to the season. Participants can pick herbs, learn how to identify the different species and then, back in the workshop, use the herbs they have gathered to make herb salt, jelly or tea. The day concludes with the chance to try a selection of produce from the region.

In May, June, July and September the guided hikes are held each Wednesday. Book at least one day in advance:

“Tiroler Edle” Chocolate

“Tiroler Edle”: The Ultimate Chocolate Experience, © alpinadruck

Dedicated chocoholics shouldn’t miss the “Tiroler Edle” Taste of Place Tour: Ride the gondola atop Venet Mountain and stroll over wide open grey cattle grazing pastures to Gogles Alpine Pasture Hut. Taste the freshest and best-tasting milk you’ve ever tried and watch the cheese making process. Your walk continues to the small town of Landeck. This is where your senses will soar with the aromas, sights, and flavours — not to mention samples — of rich Tiroler Edle chocolate. Master confectioner Hansjoerg Haag combines the best traditions of chocolate making with new flavours, innovative techniques, and the finest of natural ingredients, such as pure cocoa beans and fresh milk from the famous Tyrolese Grey Cattle breed. Hansjoerg Haag’s goal is to create something extraordinary. And that’s just what he does — handcrafted in small batches, these chocolates will astound you.

Guided “Taste of Place” Tours are offered from June to October every Tuesday. Please register one day in advance:

Wildschönau Krautinger Beet

Wildschönau Krautinger Beet, © Wildschönau Tourismus

By the royal decree of Empress Maria Theresia, only Wildschönau farmers are permitted to distill this miracle cure: The famous Krautinger Schnapps has been uniquely distilled in Wildschönau Region from locally grown White Beet called Krautinger (also known as May turnip or autumn turnip) since the mid-18th century. After the harvest, the turnips used to make schnapps are washed clean, crushed to a pulp in a fruit mill and squeezed. The quality of the Krautinger depends on the fire, the species of turnip and the distilling process. Krautinger is a cure-all, elixir and well-loved after dinner drink all rolled into one. This short “Taste of Place Tour” follows Franziskus Trail to Thaler Family’s Steinerhof Farmstead where you’ll learn everything about the Krautinger, from seed to sip. A schnapps tasting is included, too.

By appointment (+43.5339.2117,, Josef Thaler takes visitors on a tour of his Krautinger Distillery where they will learn about this extraordinary schnapps and the turnip it is produced of.

Zillertal Valley Grass-Fed Raw Milk Cheese

Zillertal Dairy, © Sennerei Zillertal

The mountain herb and grass-fed cows of 380 Alpine grazing pastures and mountain farms produce some of the finest raw milk available, which is transformed into unique and truly decadent cheeses at the Zillertal Dairy. On this walk you’ll get up to beautiful Alpine pastures where herds of cows graze on the fresh indigenous grasses and herbs. Mowing the steep Alpine pastures by hand and bringing in the fragrant hay is a hard job, which is done by the local farmers with love and respect for nature. After the delightful walk, you can tour the Cheese Dairy and watch the cheese making process through the viewing window. Sample delicious Alpine style cheeses that express the creamy smoothness of Zillertal raw milk and the piquant complexity of the pastures at eight tasting stations.

The Zillertal Dairy is open daily from 09:00am to 5:00pm; no bookings required.

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