Hiking in the Brandenberger Alps, © Tirol Werbung/Jens Schwarz
© Hiking in the Brandenberger Alps, © Tirol Werbung/Jens Schwarz

Hiking The Eagle Walk

Enjoy an eagle's perspective of Tirol’s most beautiful Alpine scenery. As the eagle flies, the Eagle Walk runs through Tirol – the whole length of the country, from east to west. Viewing the map you will realize that the walk symbolizes a proud eagle spreading its wings all over Tirol.

The 413-kilometer trail is broken up into 33 stages with a total elevation gain of 31,000 meters, accommodating a variety of skill levels and hiking preferences. Divided into 24 stages between Kaiser Mountain Range and Arlberg and comprised of nine stages between Venediger and Großglockner Mountains in East Tirol, the Eagle Walk offers endless hiking opportunities.

Whether you're planning a day hike or a multi-week thru hike, you will find the Eagle Walk to be a great outdoor experience. It offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, experience, and connect with nature. From gentle walks across improbably gorgeous landscape to strenuous treks for peak baggers, there’s a hike available for every level of experience. The Eagle Walk is a long distance mountaineering trail that requires respect. All users should be familiar with basic backcountry techniques, precautions and orienteering skills. Safety is paramount.

Great Tales of Bravery and Conquest
Infos and Service

Each stage of the Eagle Walk tells the stories of the pioneers who first scaled the heights of Tirol

The Eagle Alpine History is full of stirring tales & intriguing characters. Visit the Eagle Walk Trail Descriptions to read through them in detail.

Eagle Walk Stages by Mountain Ranges

Take it Easy: Baggage Transfer Services

On Eagle Walk stages across Tirol Oberland Region (14-24) you can benefit from the services of Schmid Taxi & Bus Company to ensure a comfortable walk, unencumbered by heavy baggage.

Wayfinding Made Easy: Directional Signs & Trail Markers

Eagle Walk trail signage is ready to guide your next adventure: The Eagle Walk is well marked and easy to follow.
At the trailhead of each Eagle Walk stage you will find a white sign that identifies trailhead and destination of the stage, distance, approximate hiking time, elevation gain and loss and difficulty rating. The uniform marker, or reassurance marker, is the famous Eagle Walk logo eagle, inviting you to take a walk along its wings.

Yellow-paint signs showing the Eagle Walk logo eagle and red-white-red blazes mark the Eagle Walk, and may be located on trees, rocks, or posts. The signs along each stage also show the level of difficulty, the estimated walking time, the trail no. and information on serviced Alpine pasture huts and on-mountain eateries along the trail.

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